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Cult of Coquette: Chic, Luxury Vegan Shoes for the Modern Woman 

Welcome to Cult of Coquette, a contemporary women’s shoe line that represents the leading edge of fashionable, cruelty-free footwear.

Coveted by celebrities as the go-to for luxury vegan heels and featured in countless press and media publications, Cult of Coquette was created specifically for the modern woman. One who is feminine, confident, and has a passionate commitment to her beliefs.


Vegan Shoes: Luxury without Compromise

Cult of Coquette was created by Bebe Roxana to fill the immense void in the market for chic, cruelty-free footwear made with high quality, vegan materials. (To learn more about Bebe and Cult’s founding, click here.)

“I think there’s a misconception that in order to live a cruelty-free lifestyle you can’t be fashion forward. I really want to help people realize that you can stick to your morals while looking chic. They’re not mutually exclusive.”

Fast forward a few years and Cult of Coquette has multiple collections of vegan shoes, including open-toed heels, pumps, mules, and flats.

With the continued success and rapid growth of the company, Cult of Coquette continues to push forward with new styles, colors and materials. They have also been recognized as a PETA approved fashion brand and been included on countless lists of the Best Vegan Shoes.


 Cult of Coquette, multiple vegan women's shoes

We’re dedicated to making Ethical The New Luxury.

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Our Vegan Heels & Pumps

It started with an elegant pump silhouette that was named “AZAR”. Featuring a slim vamp, a 3.5” heel, and 100% vegan materials, Azar has become a classic style that our customers come back to time and time again.

Cult of Coquette Azar Vegan Shoe in Blush

The AZAR Vegan Pumps in Blush sold out so quickly, a second run was re-stocked almost immediately.

If you’re looking for a more subtle look, our classic Black AZAR, made with vegan suede is a must-have wardrobe staple.

Cult of Coquette Azar Vegan Shoe in Black

Since originally introducing the AZAR in 2014 we’ve added a number of new finishes to meet the demand of our customers. Our best-selling Cheetah and Leopard AZAR pumps offer an exotic alternative to a neutral shoe.

Cult of Coquette Azar Vegan Shoe in Cheetah Print

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Our Vegan Mules

Every woman knows the importance of a sexy pump, but the resurgence of the “mule” fueled our desire to add the silhouette to our collections.

Our goal will always be to make beautiful, ethical shoes, that elevate any outfit.

Step into one of our vegan mules, and you’ll understand.

Cult of Coquette Diana Vegan Shoe in Black with Jewels

The stunning DIANA mule, was one of the styles added in 2019. The DIANA can seamlessly transition from casual to formal with just an ensemble change.

Whether it’s an open or closed toe mule you are looking to add to your wardrobe, we have you covered. Shop our full collection of vegan mules today!

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Our Open Toe Vegan Shoes

Sometimes less is more, and our current collection of open toe heels prove this.

Cult of Coquette Cima Vegan Shoe in Leopard

The CIMA is the perfect minimal sandal. A simple toe and ankle strap create a “barely there” look that works with almost any outfit.

Our dainty PEGAH heels feature a bow embellished toe strap and wrap around ankle strap. A timeless design for almost any occasion.

Cult of Coquette Pegah Vegan Shoe in Nude

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Cult of Coquette is bringing together two worlds, fashion-forward designs and cruelty-free materials. With each new design, we strive to be more bold, more feminine, and more sustainable.

Join us as we create the next generation of cruelty-free fashion

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