Join the Cult! Cult of Coquette Affiliate Program

Cult of Coquette Affiliate Program

Do you love fashion? Have a style blog? Are you a Vegan Influencer? Maybe you’re your friend’s “go to” for advice and new products? You don’t have to have a million followers, or even be vegan, to inspire people to make better choices, you just have to believe in something and have a voice!

Perks of Being a Coquette:
  • 8% Commission on sales made using your unique affiliate link/code. (Average order is $180. Commission is not applied to tax or shipping.)
  • 45-day tracking cookie to each link.
  • Access to our product catalog and look book with high-resolution images and unique content to post
  • Exclusive coupons and deals for your readers and followers.
  • Preview new collections, give input on future styles, help name shoes, become a part of our team and the cruelty-free community!
  • We ship internationally, so you can make sales from people all around the world.

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